Here's what you need to know for the Big Day.

For those arriving Thursday, Anne’s parents will be hosting an open house on Thursday night at 6pm. Contact us if you think you’ll be in town so we can fill you in on the details or help you plan some Seattle area adventures!

For those arriving on Friday, we will be gathering at the Lobby Court Bar at the Rennaissance Seattle Hotel between 4 and 7pm, and to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Boston Red Sox! Go Mariners! I mean go Red Sox! I mean, go team!

The ceremony will begin at 4:30pm on August 15th, 2015 at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, 1531 California Way SW, Seattle, WA. A 55-person shuttle bus will leave the Renaissance Seattle Hotel at 3:30pm. For those who miss or do not fit on the shuttle, taxis will be easily available at the hotel. Limited parking is available, but if you plan to drive we strongly encourage carpooling and parking at the reception venue. The shuttle will pick up guests and take them from the reception venue to the park.

After the ceremony, the shuttle will take guests from the park to the reception venue a few blocks up the hill. The reception will be at 5:30pm at the Sanctuary at Admiral, 2656 42nd Ave SW. We will begin with a cocktail hour and then dinner and dancing will commence!

Sunday morning we will be having a BYOB (buy your own brunch) at Maxwell's Restaurant in the Renaissance Seattle Hotel starting around 10am. Feel free to stop by whenever you're up! We'll be taking it easy and hope to see many of you before we leave for our honeymoon Sunday night. Copenhagen or bust!

More information regarding accommodations, registy, and things to do in Seattle can be found on the Information page.

Visiting Seattle

There are so many amazing things to do in Seattle and the surrounding area. We hope you can make a long weekend out of your trip and enjoy some of the local culture! Here are a few recommendations. Saturday morning, wander over to Sweet Iron Waffles at 3rd and Seneca to start your day off right. Continue on down to Pike Place Market, stopping at Caffe Ladro at 1st and Union for a shot of caffeine if you so desire. At Pike Place, make sure you stop in to see the flying fish! You also have to try Beecher's Handmade Cheese at the market. If you're like us, by this point you'll be ready for your second dose of coffee, so stop by the Original Starbucks store at the market and keep exploring! From the market, it's quick walk down to the waterfront where you can take a stroll, get some fresh clams at Ivars, and drop into Ye Old Curiosity Shop to see some shrunken heads. To top it all off, walk down to the Great Wheel to take in some amazing views!

If you've explored Pike Place and you still have a few hours to spare, make your way back up hill to Westlake Center at 5th and Pike to catch the Monorail up to the Seattle Center to see the Space Needle. On a clear day, the view from the top is hard to beat, but the lines can get out of control. Also at the center, you can visit the Pacific Science Center and the Experience Music Project. This is probably too much for one day, but keep it in mind if you have more time over the weekend!

Welcome! Thanks for being a part of Our Story!

It was a cold winter night in January of 2010 when Anne and Scott met at Kate's Pub in Seattle, WA, courtesy of their mutual friend, Tyler Davis. Scott told her of his job at Microsoft, wooing her with the inner workings of computer operating systems, and she told him of her adventures saving lives in remote corners of the world. By Valentine's Day they were ``special friends,'' as Anne's mom liked to say.

After a year and a half of great fun skiing, camping, and loving life together, graduate school beckoned and Scott left for Boston to begin a Ph.D. program at Harvard in machine learning and computational neuroscience. A year of long distance Netflix dates later, Anne followed and started her Master's degree at Boston College to become a women's health nurse practitioner. Trading professional salaries for problem sets wasn't easy, but with the help of great housemates and classmates, they've grown to love their new home.

Anne graduated in May, 2014, passed her NP licensure exam, and was on such a roll that she signed up for the Ph.D. nursing program at BC. The summer took Anne to the Amazonian rainforests of Peru to provide medical care, Scott to Cape Cod and China for machine learning conferences, and both of them to Hawaii for a MacDougall family vacation. At the end of this whirlwind tour, they took a retreat to Scott's family camp in the Adirondack Mountains where Scott finally popped the question...

Even though Scott's family and his best friend from home, Andrew Cahill, were there, Scott managed to convince Anne to escape with him on a private canoe ride. They paddled around the lake (Scott was being oddly romantic Anne recalls), and they stopped at Diamond Cove. He asked her to turn around and relax and let him paddle home, but before doing so he dropped a waterproof box in the water behind them. She turned around and saw it, and thinking someone had lost their keys, they paddled back to retrieve it. Inside was a letter to Anne, love Scott. He got down on one knee in the canoe and asked her to marry him, and she said YES! He put the ring on her finger, complete with ring flotation device (just in case!), and they paddled home to share the great news with family and friends.

They arrived back in Boston Tuesday morning, just in time to grab the keys to their new apartment and head off to the first day of fall classes, and the first day of the rest of their lives together!

We hope you can join us in celebrating!