The Wedding Party

Check out this good lookin' bunch! We're so excited to have them next to us on the big day!



Matron of Honor: Kim Jewett

Kim Jewett has been there from (almost) day one, and without her, Anne might not have met her dear friend Laura. Why is that you may ask? Well, Kim played volleyball in high school and college, so naturally, as her younger sister Anne also played volleyball! There are so many other ways that Anne has sought to emulate Kim (choir, being gorgeously tall, getting married before 30...), usually succeeding to a lesser degree. Sigh, nevertheless, she still lets Anne hang around, which is why Anne loves her so much! Kim moonlights as a dedicated mother of 4 (Rachel-17, Natalie-14, Logan-9, and Seth-4) and the Director of Children's Ministries at MI Presbyterian, but her real job is Super Woman.


Maid of Honor: Kate Barach

Envision a time when neon (one piece) swimsuits, green hair (from chlorine), and flip-turns were all the rage... Enter two 6 year old girls looking for a good time and a way to while-away the long summer days. Kate and Anne met at the Mercer Island Beach Club on the swim team, dive team, and tennis team. They spent their free time and their allowance at the snack bar Рnot unlike where you might find them now, but instead of slurping cup-of-noodles they can be seen sipping a fine ros̩. Despite their parents trying to keep them apart by sending them to different elementary schools, their friendship survived via summers and sleepovers until they were happily reunited for middle school, high school, and college. Indeed, this fated pair both went to Wellesley, some 3000 miles away from their island home, and has decided not to fight their destiny any longer. They have already begun inspecting neighborhoods for their future lives together (Scott has been informed). However, until that day comes, Kate works as a fancy-pants lawyer in San Francisco by day and a heart breaker by night.


"Your Life Choreographer" Bridesmaid: Hillary Gault

Hillary and Anne met through Kate (back in the day of American Girl doll tea parties) but truly became close when Anne moved back to Seattle post-college. Hillary is an awesome dancer/choreographer/actress and always a great listener. Scott and Anne went on their first getaway date — a ski weekend at Crystal Mountain — with Hillary and her now husband Jamie. Hillary has always been a great role model and sounding board for Anne. She currently lives in Kirkland, is an instructor at Barre3, and about to be a new mom, coming soon in May, 2015! Anne and Scott expect much more positive role modeling in the future...


"Your One Phone Call" Bridesmaid: Laura Ackerman Altman

Laura and Anne met at Wellesley on the way to their first college volleyball practice, and Anne would never have made it through 3 years on the team without her! (Not to mention surviving the amazing ridiculousness that is Wellesley...) Although she likes to frame her current work as "getting bad guys out of prison," Anne would say that she is a criminal defense lawyer in Raleigh, NC who is passionate about social justice.


"Fashion Fiend" Bridesmaid: Faith Yi

One night two girls walked into a bar for what appeared to be a regular evening and that's where Faith's wing-woman superpowers really took flight. From that initial encounter at Kate's Pub to the very first Easter bells with the bride's parentals, Faith's been lockstep through Anne and Scott's major milestones. They mean that literally. All five feet of her. Three years as roomies, countless camping trips, costume parties, two cross-country moves and several degrees and jobs later, they're still excited to be in each other's lives like the first day they met!



co-Best Man: Andrew Cahill

Scott and Andrew grew up around the corner from each other, and they've known each other about as long as you could imagine. From MVPs of their U-10, AYSO soccer team (the "Purple People Eaters") to co-captains of their varsity high school soccer team, they were best friends on the field and off. Scott and Andrew's fathers deserve a huge shout-out for coaching their youth soccer teams for over 10 years! Despite living on opposite ends of the state or country, Andrew and Scott always been there for each other. Who knows what stories will make their way into Andrew's speech? Scott was best man at Andrew and Rachel's wedding in 2011 so turnabout is fair play!


co-Best Man: Tyler Davis

Ty and Scott go back to their days at Cornell, living together in the "crew house" known to students (and to the Ithaca Police and Fire Departments) as simply, The Knoll. It was Ty who convinced Scott to move out to Seattle after graduation and who eventually introduced Scott and Anne to each other. We can't thank you enough, Ty! This January, Ty and his wife Shannon set out on an epic adventure to Africa to start a safari lodge. We'll Skype you in to the wedding if we have to!


Ben Severson

Ben was the lucky guy who had to give up half of his big office when Scott arrived, overly enthusiastic and woefully underprepared, on his first day at Microsoft. Without Ben, Scott would still be trying to connect to the internet in order to test some obscure feature of Windows Vista. Sharing an office just wasn't enough, so after a year they found a third roommate (read on to hear about Dave) and house in Wallingford, Seattle. He's been there since the start for Scott and Anne and has shared in all sorts of crazy adventures with them. Can't wait to add a few more to that list!


Dave Wingate

Dave completes the Wallingford trio. At 6'9" tall, he literally was the one watching over the house to make sure that the bills were paid and an unhealthy amount of dark beer and red meat was always on hand. Though Dave has since moved on to grad school at Stanford, when Ben and Andrea, Dave and Kaitlyn, and Scott and Anne get back together, it's as if not a day has passed.


Steve Linderman

Between Steve (6'8") and Dave (6'9"), we are certainly checking the "obscenely tall red-headed groomsmen" box. Steve (26) is the oldest of Scott's younger brothers, and he's been beating the bell curve as long as we can remember. Not only is he super tall, he's also a ridiculously smart MD-PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis. And he's a pretty swell younger brother too :)


Matt Linderman

Matt is the third of the four boys in Scott's family. When he isn't modeling for L.L. Bean (just kidding, but seriously Mr. Bean, check out that photo!), he's probably researching global economic policies or doing some other really cool thing as a consultant for McKinsey. Rumor has it he developed his business acumen by arbitrating disputes when Scott and Steve didn't see eye to eye as children. I think we deserve a cut of the profits, Matt!


Randy Linderman

Randy is the youngest of Scott's brothers. He's a soon-to-be 21 year old junior at Cornell studying biomedical engineering, and he's also the official captain, chief officer, first mate, and boatswain at the family camp in the Adirondacks. Most importantly, he's the only groomsman who is not taller than Scott. Please don't grow another inch, Randy! At least not until September!


We've reserved a block of rooms at the Rennaissance Seattle Hotel. It's centrally located — an easy walk from Pike Place Market and other downtown attractions.

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Or call the hotel reservation desk at (206) 583-0300 and reference the MacDougall-Linderman wedding room block.


The greatest gift you could give us is the honor of your presence on our wedding day. We understand that many of you are visiting from across the country, and we are so thankful for all the effort you've made to be at the wedding. If you insist, however, we have registered online at Zola:

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